Eduardo Gómez


Eduardo was born in Evanston to immigrant parents. As the son of immigrant parents, he knew early on just how important it was to make sure resources and services were accessible to everyone. Growing up, he saw first hand the challenges his mother faced to provide for the family due to her inability to speak English. This first hand experience taught Eduardo just how important it was to make sure resources and services were accessible to all. This would shape his values and his commitment to work towards making sure nobody in society would be marginalized and excluded from the community they lived in. In his professional career, Eduardo has dedicated himself to ensure no member of our community is disenfranchised, marginalized or excluded from the community they live in. 


Eduardo has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. He first helped lay the groundwork and help create the technology program we see today at the Evanston Public Library. Eduardo made partnerships with institutions such as ETHS, District 65, Family Focus, Evanston Veteran Center, Jacob Blake Manor, Ebenezer-Primm Towers and Jane Perlman Apartments to ensure everyone had an equal opportunity to access this program. Because of these partnerships he was able to help parents, seniors, veterans and spanish-speaking residents increase their access to technology.

As the current Deputy City Clerk for the City of Evanston, he has honorably carried out all the duties and responsibilities of the City Clerk's Office and helped bridge the gap between residents and their access to information. In his capacity, he has also cultivated strong collaborative relationships with city staff and City Council members, which has ensured an uninterrupted flow of city operations. 


As Deputy City Clerk, Eduardo works directly with the Cook County Clerk's Office to ensure residents are not disenfranchised when exercising their right to vote and be heard. This has allowed residents to learn about upcoming elections, ways to register to vote, finding their polling locations and increased ballot access.