Civic Engagement

Civic engagement plays an important role in our democratic process. It helps promotes knowledge, skills and values that help shape the community we live in. As City Clerk I want to help bolster our civic participation and bridge the gap between residents and their elected officials.

As Deputy City Clerk, I worked closely with the Cook County Clerk's Office to ensure our residents were never disenfranchised and had the ability to participate in the democratic process by casting their vote and making their voice hear. As City Clerk, I will continue to make sure elections continue to happen in our city, while advocating for more participation from our residents in both elections and City Council meetings.

As City Clerk, I will utilize the strong partnerships I have developed over the years with both organizations and community leaders to bolster civic engagement in our community. Examples of methods I will utilize in oder to achieve this will include:

  • Voter Registration Drives: This will be in partnerships with organizations such as ETHS, Evanston Public Library and the League of Woman Voters. These events will serve as an opportunity to ensure our residents are registered to vote and they are given an educational course on the important on participating in all elections.

  • Public Workshops: This will serve as an opportunity to educate residents on matters such as elections and FOIA.

  • City Council participation: Advocating for the continued use of virtual public comment even after in-person City Council meetings resume. This will allow members of the public who are unable to attend public meetings due to physical restrains or lack of transportation, to dial by phone and have their elected officials listen to their concerns.