The Evanston City Clerk is responsible for providing many important services to our residents and the public. Premier among the office's programs is its election services, with its primary goal to provide the greatest convenience to voting. Additionally, the office also offers notary services, temporary handicap placards and Freedom of Information Act request. 

Previously the City Clerk's Office was responsible for delivering two very important services: passport and Real Estate Transfer Tax. As City Clerk I will work with city staff to ensure there is a successful transfer of those services back into the City Clerk's Office. Over the years our residents have expected a high level of service to be produced from the Clerk's Office and I will make sure to reinstate that level our service our residents deserve and have come to expect from the City Clerk's Office. 

We must also ensure that all of our services and information is accessible to everyone that visits the City Clerk's Office. My experience and background will help implement a language access policy. This policy will help bridge the communication barrier with individuals who cannot speak, understand, read, or write English fluently.

Steps that I will take to ensure this policy is implemented include producing the Spanish Newsletter by the City of Evanston and producing City Council minutes in Spanish.